RIP: David Carradine
Jun 4th, 2009 by pixel

David CarradineDavid Carradine died today at age 72. I grew up watching the ‘Kung Fu‘ tv series. He will be missed.

You can visit his official site for more details. will be Shutting Down
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Strange Car Accidents
Jul 3rd, 2008 by pixel

Came across a very interesting collection of weird accidents photos.

The full gallery can be viewed on Dark Roasted Blend.

Here are some of my favorites:

Plane Accident

Car In Building

Loose Axel

Car Boat

Fork Stuck In Car

Discrete Component Clock
Jun 24th, 2008 by pixel

Transistor Clock

Here’s an impressive digital clock kit based on discrete components. For those of you without electrical engineering experience. Read more…

Apr 23rd, 2008 by pixel