How the CRTC UBB Effects Small ISPs
Feb 4th, 2011 by pixel

If you would like to know home small ISPs will really be affected by the CTRC decision, take the time to read the article – Net users will pay a lot more.

You should also watch this video which includes a piece presented by one of TekSavvy’s skilled technicians.

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Principles of Electricity Video (1945)
Mar 19th, 2009 by pixel

Breaks down structure of matter into atoms and, by use of conventional symbols, shows the action of electrons within an atom. The principles involved in the flow of current are explained and a volt, ampere and Ohm are defined.

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Thomas Edison: How to Electricute an Elephant
Nov 28th, 2008 by pixel

See here for a video of an experiment Thomas Edision conducted in 1903 in an attempt to prove AC current is more powerful than DC current.

The video after the jump is of a graphic nature and is horrible quality(What do you expect from video taken in 1903).

To reinforce the execution, Topsy was fed carrots laced with 460 grams of potassium cyanide before the deadly current from a 6,600-volt AC source was sent coursing through her body.

Basic Ocilliscope Tutorial
Oct 4th, 2008 by pixel

Basic Ocilliscope Tutorial

Definately the best tutorial on the basic control and use of a dual channel ocilliscope.

DIY T-Shirt Silkscreening Tutorial
Aug 14th, 2008 by pixel