Month: November 2008

  • Thomas Edison: How to Electricute an Elephant

    See here for a video of an experiment Thomas Edision conducted in 1903 in an attempt to prove AC current is more powerful than DC current. The video after the jump is of a graphic nature and is horrible quality(What do you expect from video taken in 1903). To reinforce the execution, Topsy was fed […]

  • USB 3.0 Released

    USB 3.0 spec has been released! Varying reports, but it looks like USB 3.0 will have 10x higher data rates (4.8Gb/s vs 480Mb/s), higher current (900mA vs 500mA), and a new interrupt driven protocol. You may notice that they have changed the female plug which means I wouldn’t hold my breath when it comes to […]

  • Perl Modules to Make Your Life Easier

    These are some of my favorite perl modules. Config::General The format of config files supported by Config::General is inspired by the well known apache config format, in fact, this module is 100% compatible with apache configs, but you can also just use simple name/value pairs in your config files. In addition to the capabilities of […]

  • Lethal Electricity Explained

    While searching for information on the lethal potential of electrical shock I came across an article by Zach Eveland that provides a clear and simple explanation. Play safe kiddies. “…it’s the current that kills, in most cases by interfering with the normal operation of the heart. Be careful though – with the right conditions, shocks […]