Remove DOS Carriage Returns

Vi(m) EditorIf you are like me you get alot of source/text files created in windows that are filled with the usual extra carriage return. To get rid of these stupid things it is a simple one line regular expression.

:1,$ s/^M$//g

Note: Make sure you create the ^M using CTRL+V and CTRL+M otherwise it won’t work.


Vi(m) EditorDescription:
Autocomplete will complete any word, in any open document you are currently editing

Mode: Insert

Ctrl+N – Next Suggestion
Ctrl+P – Previous Suggestion


  1. Open an existing text document in vim and enter insert mode.
  2. Type any character (for example ‘s‘) and press Ctrl+N or Ctrl+P. Vim will provide you with the next or previous word that it knows that matches that character.