Month: September 2006

  • Autocompletion

    Description: Autocomplete will complete any word, in any open document you are currently editing Mode: Insert Commands: Ctrl+N – Next Suggestion Ctrl+P – Previous Suggestion Usage: Open an existing text document in vim and enter insert mode. Type any character (for example ‘s‘) and press Ctrl+N or Ctrl+P. Vim will provide you with the next […]

  • BrickFest 2006 Videos Now Available

    Jordan Bradford has uploaded a 9:39 video featuring GBC at BrickFest 2006 (there is also a video from 2005). The page can be found here. Unfortunately it isn’t the greatest quality and it is in WMV format.

  • Create A Favorites List In Your Dock

    Found this little tip on the Apple website. Very useful if you use a lot of applications on a somewhat regular basis. dding folders to the right side of your dock can be a real timesaver, and two of the most popular folders to add to the dock are your home folder and your Applications […]

  • Dalai Lama Given Canadian Citizenship

    The following is an exerpt from cnews: VANCOUVER (CP) – The Dalai Lama says he is proud to have been given honorary Canadian citizenship. He was granted the citizenship by Parliament earlier this summer, a move which drew criticism from China. “Wherever I go, it creates some inconvenience,” he told a news conference at Vancouver […]