Weapon Rarity

Borderlands uses a classification system for gear that follows a color-coding system for RPGs (which was pioneered by Blizzard’s Diablo).

Level Color Rarity
1 White 0-4
2 Green 5-10
3 Blue 11-15
4 Purple 16-49
5 Yellow 50-60
6 Orange 61-65
7 Dark Orange 66-100
8 Pearlescent 101+

The Grinder

You should ALWAYS add Moonstones to the grind, because this gives you the best chance at getting a higher rarity/legendary item AND if you do get a legendary item, it can bestow a Luneshine enchancement which are as follows:

Fast Learner:  Bonus to XP from kills

Harden Up:  Improves Maximum Shield Capacity

Boominator:  Increases grenade damage

Safeguard:  Restores some of  your shields with each kill

Oxygenator:  Damaging enemies restores O2

Piercing Rounds:  Grants a change to ignore enemy shields

Punisher:  Raises critical hit damage

Serenity:  Reduces rate of O2 consumption

The level of your weapons MATTER.  It appears there is an average applied to the produced weapon based upon the levels you put in (e.g. 38+39+40=39).

Putting in 3 weapons of the same manufacturer (i.e. Hyperion) will not give you the same manufacturer back.

You will not be able to grind most unique weapons (those with red letters and usually in blue/purple/orange rarities).

Legendary Item

Components:  2 legendaries and one purple item

– The PURPLE item indicates the legendary base type

– Lowest level item used determines the level

– ADD MOONSTONES!  Otherwise you WILL NOT have a chance to get the Luneshine enchancement.

Increase rarity

Components:  3 items of the same type and rarity

– Works from Green to Purple, but not Legendary.

– If you DON’T use moonstones, you might get the same rarity back, so beware!

Go up one rarity

Components:  3 different type items of same rarity

– Also seems to work for 2 of one type and one of another

Purple Item

Components:  3 blue unique items

– As noted above, you WILL NOT get any special grind effects from doing 3 blue unique items, it only will guarantee a PURPLE in return.

Rocket Launcher: Components:  2 weapons and 1 grenade mod (same rarity)

Assault Rifle:

Components:  Shield + SMG + Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifle:

Components:  Shotgun + Sniper Rifle + Shield


Components:  SMG + Pistol + Shield


Components:  Assault Rifle + Pistol + Shield

Class Mod of Next Rarity:

Components:  Any 3 class mods of same rarity

– Gives back class mod of the character who uses the grinder

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