I have begun researching a potential Jabber(XMPP) client for use on my iPhone. Being a developer and the maintainer of XMPP services at my workplace, I came up with the following feature list that I felt was needed in a potential client.

iPhone Client Feature Requirements:

  1. Support for XEP-0133 (Basic server administration control)
  2. SRV DNS record resolution support
  3. Avatar support (*seems pretty standard)
  4. Pub-Sub notifications
  5. Push notifications

I have included a table summarizing the results of my findings. I have tried to include as many XMPP clients as possible. Applications like Meebo have been intentionally excluded from the table since they don’t support direct connection to private XMPP servers.

Table 1: iPhone App Summary

iPhone App





IM+ N N ? Y
BeeJive IM N N ? Y
mundu IM N Y ? Y
OneTeam for iPhone N Y ? Y


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pso · 01/29/2014 at 08:24

… a year later and nothing has changed: little XMPP uptake

Anu: thx for your effort, highly appreciated

sunkist: +1

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