BatchPCB Information

PCB Rules and Limits

Note: These specifications are at the request of our manufacturer.

Boards can be as small as 0.5″ (~12.7 mm) square.

  • 2 or 4 layer boards – 0.062″ FR4 material
  • 2 Layer sizing:
    • 8mil (~0.2 mm) spacing minimum
    • 8mil (~0.2 mm) traces minimum
    • 20mil (~0.5 mm) minimum drill size
  • 4 Layer sizing:
    • 6mil (~0.15 mm) spacing minimum
    • 6mil (~0.15 mm) traces minimum
    • 13mil (~0.33 mm) minimum drill size
    • No blind/buried vias
  • 500mil (~12.7 mm) maximum drill size
  • All drill hits are plated through
  • No internal routes, no v-scoring, only drill files are sent to the fab house
  • Board is routed to the indicated border (very clean edges, you can get creative with the shape as well!)
  • Soldermask both sides
  • 1oz Copper
  • No limit on the number of vias
  • No limit on pads or components
  • Multiple designs, multiple copies are allowed!
  • Any size up to 10×15″, measured in inch increments (254mm x 381mm)
  • Minimum billable size 1×1″ (smaller boards are allowed but rounded up)
  • Your design can be any size – 1 inch is the minimum

$10 setup fee (shown as a handling charge) – $2.50 per square inch for 2 layer designs, $8.00/sq. in. for 4 layer designs.


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