Notes on RF Transmitter/Receiver

TDL-9902 = Transmitter
TDL-9915 = Receiver

Transmitter [TDL-9902]

High-frequency transmitter module / 200 m band coding 2262 wireless transmitter module. 


The transmitter module small size, extremely wide operating voltage range (3 V-12V), transmitting power, low power consumption, widely used in simple wireless data transmission, wireless remote control, anti-theft alarm, and so on.Scope of application:
1, long-distance wireless remote control;
2, various types of anti-theft alarm system;
3, the low rate of the wireless digital signal transmission;
4, various household appliances, smart toys such as the remote control.

Voltage: 3 V-12V
Current work: max at 25 mA (12V), min, 2 mA (3V)
Resonant mode: acoustic resonant Table (SAW)
Modulation: ASK / OOK
Frequency: 315 MHz, 433.92MHz optional,
Special frequency can be customized: frequency error of ± 150kHz (max)
Transmitting power: 50 mw
At 10 Kbps transfer rate
Onboard code: yes, PT2262S
Launch Distance: 200 meters




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  1. If you are looking for the datasheets for these modules you will need to contact the manufacturer. Sorry.

  2. hello sir
    we need circuit for the module 9902,9915 for our project will u please send this to us.

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