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Parts List

  1. Power Supply
  2. Stepper Motor Driver Board (x3)
  3. Stepper Motor

Power Supply Requirements

By using an old PC switching power supply we can cut the cost of our power supply down to ~ $20.

Stepper Motor Driver Board

  • One driver is required for each axis of the mill (X, Y, Z).
  • Driver should handle atleast 2A per motor
  • If a suitable driver board cannot be found we should use the L298N Full Bridge.

Stepper Motors

When selecting the stepper motors for the mill we must keep in mind 2 requirements:

  1. Motors should be selected which run on 12VDC directly from our power supply (5VDC isn’t enough).
  2. Motors should have a resolution of 0.9 deg/step or better.

Hardware Research

SFE EasyDriver Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver – Link





EasyDriver v3 Stepper Motor Driver (Bipolar) – Link

Resources & Additional Information

Easy to Build Desk Top 3 Axis CNC Milling Machine
Easy to build CNC Mill Stepper Motor and Driver circuits



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