Category: Electronics

  • Lethal Electricity Explained

    While searching for information on the lethal potential of electrical shock I came across an article by Zach Eveland that provides a clear and simple explanation. Play safe kiddies. “…it’s the current that kills, in most cases by interfering with the normal operation of the heart. Be careful though – with the right conditions, shocks […]

  • Basic Ocilliscope Tutorial

    Basic Ocilliscope Tutorial Definately the best tutorial on the basic control and use of a dual channel ocilliscope.

  • Discrete Component Clock

  • Shape-Shifting Robots

    The University of Pennsylvania created these modular robots that are able to recognize each other and assemble themselves into 1 larger robot. Once assembled, the larger robot is able to walk…theoretically. A video of the bot in action is available here.

  • Canadian Time Services

    In Canada, the National Research Council is the federal agency responsible for official time. Metrologists in the Frequency & Time Group at the Institute for National Measurement Standards work to satisfy the requirements for time at all levels of precision. Follow the link below to access the CNU Time Services page.