Category: Electronics

  • Installing Vista on the Eee PC

    Found a great tutorial on installing Vista on your Eee PC. Click here to read the full tutorial.

  • Tutorial On Replacing An IPod HardDrive

    This amazingly easy and practical – with pictures, even! – tutorial from Josh Highland on how to replace the hard drive in an iPod makes me itch to grab a screwdriver and get to hackin’.

  • Arduino K107 LCD Library

    I have started work on a Arduino library for the K107 serial backpack from phanderson. There is currently 2 versions of the serial backpack available that I am aware of. The second is a barebones version from Mr. Anderson has many great tutorials available here. Check the Arduino page for updates.

  • PICAXE Forum Rollout

    We are pleased to announce the updated official PICAXE forum is now online: The updated forum, based upon the well established and highly regarded vBulletin technology, allows many new features such as uploading pictures and attachments. There are also dedicated forums to show off and share your completed projects or code snippets with other […]

  • New Age Robotics Meets Old School Tech

    Take a minute to look at Crabfu SteamWorks. A site run by I-Wei Huang who does work with robotics powered by steam. I tip my hat to this guy for really getting the idea behind merging old and new tech.