Category: Site Announcements

  • Sun Microsystems Buys MySQL

    You can see the full official statement here.

  • Dream Machines Come To Science Centre

    Our holiday favourite, Dream Machines is back. The Science Centre has the world’s largest collection of whimsical mechanical inventions by artist Rowland Emett. The “Emetts” include the Toot Sweet machine made famous in the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, among many others that will also be on display in the Great Hall. Exhibit is open Dec 22, 2008 to Jan 6, 2008

  • PICAXE Forum Rollout

    We are pleased to announce the updated official PICAXE forum is now online: The updated forum, based upon the well established and highly regarded vBulletin technology, allows many new features such as uploading pictures and attachments. There are also dedicated forums to show off and share your completed projects or code snippets with other […]

  • Ensim Corporation Announces the Sale of its Ensim Pro Product Line

    Ensim Corporation, the leading provider of management software for unified communications, collaboration, and web hosting application infrastructure, today announced that it has sold its Ensim Pro product line, the industry’s leading single server automation control panel for small scale web hosting, to SW Soft, a server virtualization and automation software company. The sale of the […]

  • Most certainly the best product google has roled out. Check out Google Code Search