Category: Site Announcements

  • Datasheets Updated

    Added some new transistors to the datasheet list. Check out the updated list.

  • SETI@Home Needs Help

    According the the SETI@Home team they need another $540,000 to keep the program up and running next year. To donate please visit here. You can find out the progress of the fundraiser on their home page.

  • Datasheets Updated

    Added a couple of new datasheets to the the Datasheet List.

  • iTunes 7.0.2 Update Released

    An update for iTunes has been released. Mainly filled with bug fixes for the second generation iPod shuffle and some bug fixes discovered in 7.0.1. It can be downloaded from Apple’s site.

  • Another One Bites The Dust

    The whois utility that we have all come to know and love appears to have disappeared. As of September 27, 2006 The dns records have been changed and is now pointing to another stupid advertisement site. You can see the whois info here.