Month: August 2006

  • O’Reilly Thinks They Own Netizens

    As you can see from this US Patent Office request. O’Reilly actually tried to patent the word ‘netizens’ back in 1994. Not sure exactly how they planned on claiming ownership but that isn’t what patents are all about (oh, wait. Yes it is).

  • Increase Safari Page Load Speed

    Apparently, in order to render obsolete flashing pages that can occurs when a webpage loads, (due to the client getting data from any number of sources; the stylesheet, various data sources, etc) web browsers are programmed with a little delay. The delay is, appropriately, conservative. But by adjusting a variable in the Safari preference file […]

  • Folding@Home Team

    We are currently running a folding@home team. If you are unfamiliar with folding@home please check out for details. Team: 50526