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  • Sparkfun Free Day Over

    Free Day is over at Over $100k was given away in just under 1 hour and 45 minutes. According to their site they had over 1,000 orders and nearly 70,000 unique visitors.

  • Arduino 0014 Released

    Arduino 0014 is now available from the software page: There are only a few changes, mostly an updated version of the AVR tools: [core / libraries] * Fixing bug that prevented multiple outgoing Client connections with the ethernet library. [environment] * Clarifying ATmega168 vs. ATmega328 in the Tools > Boards menu. [tools] * Updating […]

  • will be Shutting Down will be shut down by December 15, 2008. If you would like to keep your content, we have created an export tool to assist you under Settings > Export. But please be sure to have exported your content by December 15, 2008 as it will not be accessible after that date. Pownce has been […]

  • USB 3.0 Released

    USB 3.0 spec has been released! Varying reports, but it looks like USB 3.0 will have 10x higher data rates (4.8Gb/s vs 480Mb/s), higher current (900mA vs 500mA), and a new interrupt driven protocol. You may notice that they have changed the female plug which means I wouldn’t hold my breath when it comes to […]

  • First poster for the Neuromancer movie

    It looks as though Quiet Earth may have stumbled upon the first poster for Joseph Kahn’s movie adaptation of William Gibson’s classic cyberpunk novel, Neuromancer! More details…